One day,in the big jungle.Live many kind of animals.One of them is a mouse deer. The mouse deer likes to walk around the jungle, looking for food.He always be carefully,smart,and clever.One day, while the mouse deer looks for his food, The hard rain comes with thunder. Then he run and run quickly. When he run, he falls down in to deep hole.He try to climb in to surface, but he cannot get out.then the elephant walk near the hole. The mouse deer asks for help. When the elephant hears the sound – he directly comes to the sound source and he see the mouse deer who traps in adeep hole. The elephant walks down into the hole to help the mouse deer. The mouse deer jumps to elephant’s shoulder and jumps out from the hole.The mouse deer leave the elephant in the hole alone.

-= THE END =-



May 9, 2009

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Hi Guys

May 5, 2009

Me and my pet

My name is Indra Setyajiwirawan Guritno.You can call me Indra .I am 13 years old.I live on Jatiwinangun street sembadra alley no.2.I am student of SMP N 2 purwokerto is on Gereja street.My hobby are playing basket ball and playing computer.Sometimes I like to listening to music.oh, yeah do you have a pet ? my pet are black cat and bird.I will explain you how to take care you pet :

First, give you pet food 2 or 3 times aday

Second, you should keep your pet clean.Maybe you should wash you pet

Third, play with you pet

Fourth, Build a bed for your pet

that all , oh I forget I have a e-mail address here is my e-mail address :

see ya…… @_@